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Post  Admin on Sun May 10, 2009 12:35 pm

The New Challenges Coming up later this year...
PROJECT 20000 LIVE TRADING----Objective is too start with a Trading Account of 1000 and Target 20k
PROJECT 1000 PIPS IN 10 TRADES----10 Trades resulting in 1000 pips
PROJECT SAI-- Still to be revised...

I have these challenges because it make trading a bit fun....

Good luck
I will let you all know when we start these challenges online here.....and explain them in a bit more depth...


We will Try and run Project 20000 Live on a blog as usual because I like to post live account statements when I trade and add this to the other challenges..Also I want to setup an account which will replicate the trades which you will be able to access as read only.....
We will Start this challenge on the 6th of May Yes it Can it be done it is 103 trades for 20K....Rav Says Challenge excepted.....

See you tonight for asian trading...



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