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Post  Admin on Sun May 10, 2009 8:32 am

2 Beautiful Trades for this morning and here are the results which take us to step 39 in the trading plan challenge...

We have a total of 11 Steps left to step 50..

4813257 23/03/2009 WEB Sell -3 GBPUSD - ROLLING SPOT 1.4477 4813553 1.4596 357
4813256 23/03/2009 WEB Sell -3 GBPUSD - ROLLING SPOT 1.4477 4813300 1.4565 264

A Total of +207 Pips

AND a Scalp trade:

Buy 3 GBPJPY - ROLLING SPOT 141.75 4816673 141.55 60 = +20 pips

TOTAL OF +227 Pips

Buy 3 GBPUSD - ROLLING SPOT 1.4611 4817073 1.4595 48

A Quick Scalp: Reason..I Was looking at GJ and I could see it coming down but could not short it as the risk was too high so I shorted cable instead--Another + 19 Pips.. hoorah...

TOTAL OF +246 pips

Buy 3 USDJPY - ROLLING SPOT 96.77 4817534 96.67 30

I need to short RR was good..Another 10 pips

TOTAL OF +256 pips

Missed the euro trade by 1 pip look at that it was a beautiful 20 pips in the pot ....:-( No Problems lets wait for the next one )

My Scalp failed and I lost 3 Pips
I am not happy about this trade as I have broken on of the rules of entry with thought of market rejection...In short I have wasted 30 mins as I thought the market would reject the price and as a punishment..let me think
1st Loss trade -£12
Buy 3 EURUSD - ROLLING SPOT 1.3533 4819259 1.3537 -12

Buy 3 EURUSD - ROLLING SPOT 1.363 4821500 1.3619 33

That the pips back plus a little profit had to be done....11 pips profit.
Might have a couple of more if this baby ranges like this..
Currently on step 41..

Total Pips For Today: +264
Total Profit: +£789
Total Trades: 8
Loss Trades: 1

I will shut down trading after 2:30 if I cannot find any opportunities,because I did not like my mind the last 2 trades...

Was a very nice trading session...
My Targets for this week are done..and now it will be more along the terms of breakout trading...
There were only be major pip trades for the rest of the day no more scalping.


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